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Posted: Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Don't Want the M$ney, I'm Not Some Lost Cause, (i just miss you)

Olivia Velazquez-Alarcon

it'd help out the career yeah,

making more citrus shined days come alive,

but if i would've picked up that pen fast enough,

if i would've payed a more slighter attention,

adventurous and risk seeing postcards,

my heart mourns as if it were yesterday,

oh how bleak memories pierce me so rapidly,

you were a revolution to me,

another dreamer to travel with just like she from earlier years before,

and the time watcher let the numbers slip by,

2 hours before i leave work,


summer june day,

the 7th,

busting with all my mind to serve all than at once,

it was me growing faster,

and you fading away slowly,

i know by just guessing,

and my guess is the red truth,

some say move one like another day,

with other trains,

forget frosted rains,

each day was a torture,

just reminding of your name,

plummets myself deeper than an ocean,

you all thought i had lost my name regardless,

but all i did was collaborate into a change,

a newer side breathes now,

and you leave m$ney to my name,

if only i'd written faster,

even earlier,

i'd bring you back,

rather than know you'll be a pay to me someday.

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