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Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Kenai Peninsula College is fortunate to have a talented slate of faculty members it has on staff. These professionals do much more than just prepare for and teach the classes they deliver to their students. Not only are KPC faculty members asked to perform a number of jobs not directly related to their teaching duties, such as serving on campus committees and acting as advisers to students, they also are encouraged to do outside work in their fields.

KPC's Barbara Christian, who serves as the chair of the College of Arts and Sciences at KPC, is one of the most popular English professors on campus. Christian is the editor of KPC's annually published literary magazine, Driftwood, teaches many of the upper division English courses on campus, coordinates the courses for the arts and sciences division each semester and recently wrote a book.

Christian just received confirmation that a book manuscript she submitted has been accepted for publication as part of the Cultural Studies Series of Other Press, a small East Coast publisher that focuses on multiethnic literature, cultural studies and psychoanalytical criticism.

The book, currently titled "Belief in Dialogue," explores the complex spiritual awareness that underlies the literature being produced by Latina writers in the U.S. today. This literature reflects a religious heritage that includes varying interpretations of Catholicism as well as elements of indigenous spiritual beliefs, African spiritism dating back to the era of slave trade, varieties of European spir-itism, and recent evangelical protestantism. The result is a rich and constantly changing spiritual awareness that is evident in content, metaphor and psychological motivation in the fiction and nonfiction produced.

Christian's professionalism and leadership is admired by her peers, the staff and students at KPC. She works tirelessly for her students and manages to challenge them to dig deep into themselves and write about what they find. She manages to meet countless deadlines, run endless meetings and still find the time to create literature.

Congratulations to Dr. Christian on her achievement.

Career Center expands

"Dare to Dream" and "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" plaques hang on the walls of KPC's newly expanded Career Center. Krista Timlin, KPC's Career Center coordinator, has worked hard to create a positive, supportive environment for her clients to receive her services.

Thanks to the support of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, the Career Center is in the business of helping all borough residents, not just KPC students, with a variety of career planning services.

Timlin always has been able to offer career counseling, mock interviews, resume critiques, a variety of personal assessment tools, information on universities and colleges and details about service opportunities, but mostly the services were delivered via one-on-one appointments.

Because of this limitation, and because of the recent renovation of the KPC business office and student services, the Career Center has been centralized on campus and expanded to include the Career Resources Room.

Why a Career Resources Room and what makes it different than what the Career Center has been all along?

"I wanted to be able to better serve the public by creating an environment that allows people to come in and serve themselves to the information we have available," Timlin said. "We are in the process of hiring a student assistant who will staff the resources room. We will publish our hours of operation as soon as that person is identified."

The room has two computers with Internet access and a list of links to numerous career-job search Web sites. There also is a conventional typewriter available for typing job applications and other documents that computer word processing programs don't help with. The environment lends itself to doing research, performing job searches, preparing for various entrance exams and accessing distance education colleges. And the best thing is that clients can come in, without an appointment, during Resource Room office hours and take advantage of the self-help features or get assistance if they require it.

Timlin's background and experiences bring another unique aspect to the services she can offer her clients.

"I have a (master's) degree in industrial and organizational psychology and have training in organizational dynamics and human resource issues. I have worked as a mediator, consultant and facilitator with individuals, groups and organizations," Timlin said.

She emphasized that she can assist those who have a great job, but may be experiencing challenges in their workplace. Preparing for advancement or a performance review and dealing with workplace conflict are just a few of the things that Timlin can help with.

Watch for an update in this column for the Career Center and Resources Room hours of operation. Then, take advantage of the services that are available; it very well could change your life.

For more information, contact the Career Center at 262-0337.

This column is provided by Suzie Kendrick, community relations coordinator at Kenai Peninsula College.

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