Project Roadrunner: Businesses team up to help area school

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Two area businesses have partnered with Redoubt Elementary School to help provide support for educational endeavors.

Wells Fargo Bank in Soldotna and Safeway have officially adopted Redoubt Elementary as part of "Project Roadrunner."

"As schools today are held more highly accountable than ever before in the history of public education, it becomes more critical that all of the key players in a child's education join forces to ensure that each child receives the very best educational opportunities possible," Redoubt Princi-pal Todd Syverson wrote in a press release.

"The obvious players in a child's education include the school, the child and the parents. However, our business communities can also play a key role in supporting our schools through various methods which include hands-on experiences, resources support and monetary support."

According to Syverson, Safe-way has been working with Redoubt Elementary for several years to provide resources for annual reading goals.

This year, the company took its efforts a step further, donating $1,000 to allow Redoubt to establish an incentive program that promotes academic excellence, good attendance and stellar citizenship.


Safeway manager Mick Galic, left, presents a check to the project to Karen Senette and Principal todd Syverson.

Photo courtesy of Redoubt Elementary School

Students at Redoubt also will visit Safeway and use Safeway products to fine-tune technical reading skills and expand their vocabularies, with words from food labels integrated into students' spelling lists.

Safeway also will continue its annual support of Redoubt's reading goal with a cake and ice cream reading challenge during the second semester.

In addition, Safeway will help support Redoubt students' math skills. While at Safeway, students will be given play money to "shop," learning to budget and shop smart.

Wells Fargo is supporting Redoubt through a $3,000 donation to help provide staff with additional time to work on intervention plans and creative interdisciplinary classroom activities.

Students also will tour the bank to get a firsthand experience in the business world and learn about money management, bank services, interest rates and savings accounts.

Starting in the second semester, a Wells Fargo team member will visit the school weekly to help fourth- through sixth-graders work on math skills.

Finally, both Wells Fargo and Safeway will allow students to use cashiers' training modules in a contest to find the "fastest cashier in the west," among Redoubt students.

"It is easy to see that business partnerships, such as the one between Safeway, Wells Fargo and Redoubt, will truly make a difference in a young person's academic growth," Syverson wrote.

"With this support and the help of all the key players, Redoubt Elementary will continue to strive for excellence and will help better prepare our students for the ever-changing world that we live in. Who knows, your next bank loan may be handled by a Redoubt Elementary alumni."

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