Anti-military comments anger recruiter's wife

Posted: Friday, January 28, 2005

Just lately I was talking to a lady in town about her son joining the Army National Guard. My husband is a recruiter, and I was telling her of the benefits. Her reply was she was anti-military — anything military.

She didn't want her son to go to Iraq or any war. She asked me, "Wouldn't you feel the same?"

My initial response was, "Well, maybe, as a mother I wouldn't want my child going either."

This conversation has bugged me ever since. It's because of the military that you and I are able to live the lives we live here, safe in the United States.

Why is it OK for someone else's son, daughter, husband, wife, brother or sister, to go fight for our freedom and not your own? Is that right?

She obviously doesn't mind walking down the streets knowing she is relatively safe from harm. So it's OK to her if my husband puts his life on the line for you and me, but not her own son.

This is very upsetting, and I sure do hope and pray that there are not too many others that feel this way.

Yes, it is scary knowing that our loved ones are over there and very well could be in harm's way. It's because of those courageous men and woman that we are here safe.

Although it may not be for everybody, anyone here that feels "anti-military" ought to take a good look around and then compare it with that of other countries that don't have such a great military force. We are all very lucky to be Americans and should be proud and honored if our loved ones choose to fight for our continued safety and freedom, not against it.

I tip my hat to all military men and woman, and to those that choose to join the force. Thank you for what you do or plan to do for all of us Americans.

Nellie Parazoo Alwin


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