To those who oppose the health bill

Posted: Friday, January 28, 2011

Instead of wasting time and money on the same old arguments, why don't you come up with some practical "tweaks" that would cure what problems you deem the current bill has? The Republican party was in control for eight years and could not come up with even a basic starting point. Before you get too vehement about erasing the whole thing, please take the time to do a study on the good this plan has so far accomplished. Many of you tend to lose touch with the fact our country still has a lot of rural areas with few or no close health services, and employment opportunities for steady incomes. Communications are not all that great out of the urban areas either.

Objections to the "mandatory" statement? Government assistance is noted to be available for those unable to get insurance on their own, and this benefits everyone by giving those people the knowledge they are paying their own way (always a prideful thing), helps the hospitals and medical personnel who provide services to all of us, to avoid writing off these charges which they then have to increase the costs to us all to be able to stay in business. Also please consider these other "mandatory" items that are accepted in our normal living to help the economy: Drivers' licenses, federal and state income taxes, automobile insurance, and seat belts in vehicles, all of which have proven over time to be worth their creation.

Criticism is only helpful when it is constructive.

Georgia Griffin, Soldotna

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