Soldotna High School Student stands up for her rights in Washington D.C

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Last year, Jennifer McCard won 1st Place in the statewide VFW Voice of Democracy Program, and an expense paid trip to Washington D.C.

"It really made me grateful to be an American and very proud to be a citizen, it was a great experience. One of the most memorable times was at the VFW final awards banquet when we all stood up and said the Pledge of Allegiance. Everyone said it so strongly in such unison, it made me realize how many people there really are who believe in America and our values," said McCard who was on hand at the VFW banquet last week along with her father to congratulate this year's local winners in the Voice of Democracy essay competition.

Jennifer encouraged the families and sponsors and told about the highlights as well as one low point of her trip to the nation's capital. According to McCard, while touring the monuments with the other VFW winners from across the nation the group was inspired to sing the National Anthem on the steps of the monument. "As we got toward the middle of the song, a park ranger came up to us and told us we'd have to stop because we were disturbing the peace," said McCard. "It was a disturbing experience for us, as I'm sure it would have been to anyone. So we felt that what had happened just wasn't right, so we told some of our sponsors with the Voice of Democracy program, and they wrote a letter to the National Parks Service and as it turned out the over zealous park ranger was suspended for 90 days," added McCard, who was happy that her essay had done so well, and that she had been able to stand up for her Constitutional rights all at the same time.

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