Osprey Platform in the Cook Inlet has a well-documented history

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2002

The newest addition to the family of oil drilling and producing platforms in the Cook Inlet, is Forest Oil Corporation's Osprey Platform. At a luncheon address last week before the Kenai Chapter of the Alliance, Darrell Korman, Construction Supervisor for Forest Oil, shared an interesting power point slide presentation that covered the history of the Osprey from its inception, construction, and present preparation for production in the Cook Inlet.

With the exception of the living quarters, which were constructed in Anchorage, the entire platform was built from design up in South Korea and brought to Alaskan waters by barge. "It was one of the most enjoyable projects I've worked on, because the Koreans were so professional. One advantage I did have was my age, I was much older than they were, and they do respect age. So I was the Old man, and whenever I said I needed this or that done, they replied 'Yes Sir, we'll do it,' we communicated and collaborated on the project very well. It was the best coordinated project with a contractor I believe I've worked on in my career," said the veteran oilman who was involved with installing some of the original platforms in the Cook Inlet.

The Osprey is the smallest of the platforms in the Inlet and hopes to begin production by the end of the year, and according to Korman could continue producing for the next 25-30 years. While the Osprey is the newest platform in the Cook Inlet, it may not be the last, "I think there is a good chance for other platforms to be built in the Inlet, if they find more oil and determine the size of some of the fields, very easily there could be additional platforms constructed," added Korman.

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