Gun law only hurts citizens who enjoy shooting, collecting

Posted: Thursday, January 29, 2004

I would ask Mrs. Dean: please define assault weapon for me. This misused, misunderstood term, dreamed up by the liberal news media, strikes fear in the heart of most ignorant members of the public. People fear that which they do not understand. Guns are no exception.

Under your definition, is the old bolt-action A-3 Mauser an assault weapon? How about the M-1 carbine or the M-1 Grand that only holds eight rounds. Does it matter what caliber it is? Does it have to be .30-caliber or .22-caliber?

It's not how many rounds in the magazine, folding stock, flash suppressor or the bayonet lug that make a firearm potentially dangerous. It's the loose nut on the end of the buttstock.

People need to be made accountable for their actions whether driving their car or owning a gun. I assure you that if driven to the point of murder, I could kill far more people by simply driving my Ford Expedition through a crowd of people than if I just started shooting.

Mrs. Dean and the rest of the misguided in this country need to really understand that the only reason they have the right to voice their opinions at all is because of the right to bear arms. She is a citizen of this country, not a subject.

So even if that argument is not one you consider relevant, then just the simple fact that some people enjoy shooting or collecting guns should be enough.

I don't give people a hard time about knife collecting or quilting. But it doesn't interest me. Those knitting needles are potentially pretty dangerous. After all, we can't take them on airplanes any more.

It saddens me to see so many people misled by their emotions and misinformation. But then I guess it's their right to be ignorant.

Repeal the gun law. It does nothing to help anyone and only hurts those who enjoy shooting and collecting.

Ty Miller

Formerly of Nikiski, now in Fairbanks

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