Children come first

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, January 29, 2007

Has anyone else had it with budget cuts affecting our children? Year after year I sit back and watch it happen.

What’s wrong with our government? Don’t our children mean anything anymore? While others are sitting back, enjoying their pay raises, our children are suffering. Suffering at the hands of overworked teachers. It’s not their faults that they have all these children who need their help. It’s the government’s fault for giving them so many to begin with.

Our children need and deserve a quality education. I already home school one child. With more cuts I’ll be home-schooling my other, as well. I’m sure not going to sit back and let my child suffer because the government workers need more pay raises.

Sorry gang, but the children come first. They’ve suffered enough, time to allow suffering elsewhere for a bit.

Kelsey Gaswint


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