Supreme Court sold out

Posted: Friday, January 29, 2010

I want to denounce the Supreme Court decision on the funding of political campaigns. The court sold out and bowed to the pressure of a self-enriching group that stands to coin money by this decision. They do so without regard of the public. These people have used their power to get what they want, to suck money from the public and line their own pockets. You know who they are, the television, radio, newspapers. All are a lot of the grafting propaganda leaks that suck money from the public while misdirecting under a guise that they are protecting the first amendment. When all they want is to justify their own parasite-life by causing dissention and conflict in this country. The more the conflict, the more TV and newspapers, and the more profit. It is time to stop them in their attempts to control the American public. Every paper we buy, every tv program we watch, puts more money in their pockets. Reading and watching their trash just lets them steal money for their own ends. They cause strife because strife means profits.

Gus N. Rodes


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