Same-sex benefits should go further

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Much clamoring has been going on for the benefits ordered by the court for same-sex couples. If you want the cookie, you have to have some crumbs with it. If you want the perks you have got to face the same legal hassles as the rest of us.

Sign some partner up for insurance; no problem, but then you should have to sign that person up for half of everything in your pension trust fund, personal belongings and all property. Then you can have the joy of equal rights with the rest of us. If that is not OK, then be careful what you ask for as you might really get it.

So that said, I wonder how many partners are really ready to make that old commitment thing. Because the expense of those perks is ultimately on the state and public to begin with, even if you think you have earned them and they should be yours anyway. No problem just pony up and take the risk like everyone else, that way we can avoid the old double-standard thing.

Dennis Barnard


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