Reader to student: Stand where you are

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Thursday, February 01, 2007

I comment on Melissa’s (Newton, Clarion, Jan. 24) logical argument that both creation and evolution are based on nonobservable processes, but that evolution takes far more faith than does creation. In reality, evolution poses a greater mystery for itself.

Alaskans who believe in the exceedingly long process of evolution are faced with a question that they cannot answer, yet one that is explained by Scripture. You see, evolution requires a uniform process, albeit one that is said to be punctuated by brief interruptions to explain the imagined “missing links” and leaps from specie to specie. Creationism on the other hand, frames origins as explained in the Bible and allows for the massive cataclysm of the Noahic Flood.

So here’s the question I pose to evolutionists in Alaska, for they stand on top of their own riddle: Since oil and gas are lighter than water and mineral matter, how do you explain oil and gas at such tremendous depths?

The Kola sell found gas at 32,000 feet and oil drillers off Norway found dinosaur fossils in core drillings 1.4 miles (2.3 kilometers) beneath the North Sea. Drillers on the North Slope routinely find well-preserved vegetation coming up from wells more than three miles deep. How is this possible? What event in the evolution process accounts for oil so deep in lithosphere worldwide?

Evolutionists stumble at these facts because, according to their theory, the process requires “gradualism” over eons of time. Even the much touted “meteor” theory that wiped out the dinosaurs is said to have deposited less than one foot of mineral matter globally.

If we accept that a meteor killed off the dinosaurs, we still have the question of how their bodies sank three miles beneath the surface of the earth? It wasn’t a meteor that killed the dinosaurs, but rather the upheaval during the great flood. The Bible clearly explains that a worldwide event heaved and folded the earth’s crust upon itself, entombing all preflood biomass under mountains of rock.

Incidentally, many millions of people were also buried, so when you fuel up, it’s not “what” but “who you are pumping into your tank. I say to Melissa: Stand where you are young lady. If the evolutionists ever reach the summit of truth, they’ll find you already there. Bravo!

Norm Olson


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