Vancouver police dog revived in resuscitation

Posted: Sunday, February 03, 2002

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) -- A city police dog named Bear was revived by mouth-to-muzzle resuscitation after his heart stopped when he stepped on an exposed electrical plate, officer said.

''He's resting comfortably at home,'' police spokesperson Sarah Bloor said Tuesday.

'"The most critical part has passed, but he's still at risk of developing water on the lungs and that has to be monitored closely.''

A veterinarian determined that the dog is definitely better but is not yet out of danger yet and will need at least two weeks after recovering before he can go back to police work, Bloor said.

She said Bear whined and yelped, then fell unconscious after stepped on an exposed electrical plate on a sidewalk Sunday while walking with his handler, Ray Wong.

Another officer assisted with chest compressions as Wong blew into Bear's nose.

''It's one of the most unusual things I've ever seen,'' but hardly surprising because of the close bond between police dogs and handlers, said Sgt. Gord Park of the canine unit.

''Our dogs here are extensions of us,'' Park said.

The plate was over a pull box, which provides access to wires that carry electricity to street lights. Deputy city engineer Tom Timm said the plate became electrified when connections became corroded and insulation surrounding them burned away.

Wong, who has been with Bear about a year and a half, wasn't available for comment Tuesday. Last year they were involved in 20 arrests, ''which means he's working hard,'' Park said.

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