State agencies do more harm than good to children

Posted: Thursday, February 03, 2005

It is time to resort to suing the state of Alaska and all of it's government representatives and agents. How much blood do we have to give before they are satisfied?

How many families does the state have to destroy before we get mad enough to take a stand and say "enough is enough"?

There is a multibillion dollar lawsuit against the state of Alaska and the many agents and agencies that go into people's homes and legally kidnap your children.

Why does this man who is suing the state feel that it warrants such an elaborate amount in damages?

I for one believe it is because his daughter was ripped from her home, and instead of being placed in a "safe haven," was allowed to become one of the many statistics of homeless runaways. Did the state or its agents ever spend any time looking for this lost child? The answer to that is a resounding "no"!

Since the age of 12, this child has been a runaway more often than she has been in the custody of the state. So, let me ask this question, is she still on the books as a child "in need of aid" so someone can maintain the statistics needed for the federal grants that are given to the state for foster care and more agents? Whose pockets are being lined with all of the money being given to these agencies for supposedly "keeping our children safe"?

A father wants to know where his child has been for the last five years. Who is the father of her baby, his grandchild? Why can't he see his grandchild?

Where is his daughter now? She has been missing since they stole her child from her in October of '04. Why isn't anyone but the father concerned for her or her child's welfare? I thought the state of Alaska took responsibility for her being raised as a "good, honest, decent future parent and responsible adult."

It is time that the state takes responsibility for its inability to raise our children the way a parent would, and should be given the right to do as promised in the laws of both man and God.

Ruth Stowers, Soldotna

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