Society's prioroties out of line

Posted: Wednesday, February 03, 2010

As a society we seem satisfied when justice is executed and angered when it is not. One good example might be when the bankers were bailed out. What was just and fair about that? In the movies most viewers are pleased when the "bad guy" gets his just reward. But have we ever considered God's need for justice?

Think about it. God created everything, yet the theory of evolution is taught in our public schools as though it were a fact. His Son chose to go through the passion of the cross to save the world from hell; He must feel slapped in the face when so many in this country choose to find their own or a different way to heaven. God blessed America to the point of pampering compared to other countries, only to hear it is no longer a Christian nation. It appears we are more concerned about political correctness than we are of offending Almighty God.

Could the abnormal weather patterns, the economic decline and the escalating global disasters be a reminder of God's need for a grand finale of justice? According to the Bible He would much rather pour out His love, mercy and forgiveness, but if His offers are declined, we will have to be satisfied with His justice.

Lynn Rickert


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