Janet Jackson incident not nearly as offensive as disrespect for flag

Posted: Wednesday, February 04, 2004

I, like many Americans, watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. I saw the Janet Jackson incident and thought it was what it appeared to be, an accident. It did not particularly offend me.

I was, however, as an American veteran, very offended that CBS and the FCC would allow "Kid Rock" to wear a cut up American flag and then discard it to the stage floor. That act is reprehensible and an outrage to decency and our national symbol.

CBS and the FCC owe a deep apology to our troops oversees and everywhere for allowing such a disrespectful display. Our troops are shedding their blood and giving their lives to protect that flag. What message is being sent to them when we allow these kinds of displays to be televised.

I agree with CBS that MTV should never be allowed to produce another show for a Super Bowl. They do not represent the American way. They are a disgrace to America.

John C. Parker, Kenai

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