Democrats will have field day with deficit, congressional pork

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Posted: Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Congressional Budget Office says federal deficits over the next decade will total $2.4 trillion, according to The Associated Press.

It will hit a record $477 billion this year.

President George W. Bush says he is committed to cutting the deficit in half. ... At the same time, he said he eagerly awaits Congress' omnibus spending bill that includes almost $11 billion in pork projects promised to congressional leaders just to buy their vote. ...

Democratic candidates for president already are honing in on the

out-of-control Republican spending as a campaign item. The largest

peacetime expansion of federal government, federal mandates included in the educational No Child Left Behind Act (which should be called the No Funding to Pay for Federal Intrusion on Local Policies Act) and an economy that continues to shed more jobs than it creates are all major issues that the Republican Party is going to have to address.

For years the Democrats carried the mantle of government expansion and tax-and-spend politics. Now, it seems, an increasing number of Republicans are worried that their party is gaining that distinction.

Polls indicate that the economy, out-of-control spending and the

economy are becoming focal issues for voters. ...

No matter who wins the battle for the White House, we need to begin living within our means, and we need to focus more effort on addressing the problems here at home.

The Carroll County Times, Westminster, Md. - Jan. 28

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