Seniors' proposal addresses overcrowding concerns

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2005

As seniors at Kenai Central High School, we would like to thank the Kenai Chamber of Commerce and the Kenai City Council for their letters of support toward holding the 2005 graduation ceremonies at Kenai Central High School. Also, thanks to the Kenai Fire and Police departments for their offers of regulating seating for graduation. The printing of the graduation announcements has been put on hold, and the administration is holding an advisory vote among the seniors today.

Hopefully, the administration's executive decision will be based on the overwhelming student and community input that they have received.

A very viable solution to seating limitations at the Renee C. Henderson Auditorium was presented to us by a teacher at KCHS. The auditorium can be used for the graduation ceremonies, as it was intended for. There are 997 available seats for family members, more comfortable seating than is available on the floor of the sports center. The rest of the community members can view the ceremonies on a live video feed projected onto a screen in the gymnasium, where there are 800 bleacher seats, not to mention floor space to set up chairs. Afterward, all attendees can mingle with the graduates in the familiar surroundings of Kenai Central High School. This was successfully accomplished in December 2003 at Officer Watson's memorial service.

All in all, there is seating for over 1,800 people at KCHS. Those in the gym, who otherwise would be seated far from the actual ceremonies in the bleachers of the sports center, would actually have a better view of graduation in the gym. A video feed would provide zooming and panning qualities not possible with the naked eye.

We feel that this proposal is a workable compromise. The formality and tradition of the graduation ceremonies would be maintained, and as many family and community members as came to the 2004 graduation would be able to attend.

Again, please express your concern and support of this viable solution to the administration at KCHS at 283-7524. As the administration has stressed again and again, community input is vital to this decision.

Rocky Ward,

KCHS student body president; Audrey Coon, Jessica Summer, Cassie Wilcox, KCHS seniors

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