'Green' technology not necessarily quiet

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2011

I read the Dec. 28 article on wind turbines ("Keeping the lights on: Sustainable energy initiatives pop up on the peninsula") with great interest, as I have a neighbor who installed one last year.

The important issue that the story failed to mention is the noise that these turbines make. If you can imagine a diesel engine running next door to your home, that needs a tune up, idling fast then slowly at a high pitch, that is what living near one of these things is like.

Sometimes the noise is like the whoop-whoop noise like a small airplane propeller.

I can hear the thing inside my home with my door open in the summer -- day and night, 24/7 whenever the wind blows. It is located 3 acre lots away from my house.

But no one is talking about the noise pollution these "green" energy producers are making.

I don't think they should be allowed on any land less than 5 to 10 acres, and certainly not within subdivisions with acre lots.

Clarion, in your next article, try to write the whole story. These things are expensive, noisy, ugly and not a passive device.

Pam Iverson


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