Why so many in jail?

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2011

From what I read, it seems our jails are overflowing with some very young adults. Sounds about right. From my own observations, I certainly did notice the sheer number of boys from our old and present neighborhood that have gone to jail here on the Peninsula.

My old neighborhood growing up in Anchorage was chock-full of onery kids. I can't name one that did jail time. I do understand that times change and factors change with it, but here on the Peninsula something seems not right. The balance is skewed. Are we a bit more oppressed with our police stations, trooper station and trooper training station? Or maybe we have a higher rate of dysfunction per capita than Anchorage? At the Kenai Courthouse do the judges rubber-stamp kids here assembly line style? Or is it just the sheer number of affected parents here on the peninsula have simply managed to raise ourselves a bad lot of kids that all deserve the jail time and criminal profile?

Billie J. Williams


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