HJR 3 provides best protection for permanent fund, dividends

Posted: Thursday, February 05, 2004

It is time for the residents of Alaska to consider supporting an alternative plan strictly created by the voters for the legislators to correct the current political mess in Juneau.

We have a bipartisan bill (sponsored and cosponsored by both Democrats and Republicans) in State House Affairs, chaired and buried by Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch (1-800-968-6744) entitled House Joint Resolution 3. It gives the people the security of complete protection of the permanent fund dividend and its earnings stream by placing both into the state Constitution at the current formula. It takes a 60 percent vote of the people to make any changes!

This bill in itself automatically creates a government budget and spending cap. It takes the government completely out of the permanent fund dividend and its earnings stream picture. Period! The permanent fund dividend program is strictly ours!

We would like to see House Bill 11 repealed. It takes basically half of the earnings stream that goes into the permanent fund principal that creates future income. Sunset HB 11 now!

With the passage of HJR 3 by the Legislature and a positive vote of the people plus the repeal of HB 11 in place, we are in a position to easily fund the senior citizens' Longevity Bonus Program out of the permanent fund earnings stream. The program will reduce through attrition. The program seniors are currently age 72 on up.

The establishment in Juneau will "scream," claiming it cannot fuel the bloated budget. The task is for them to reduce the size and scope of the government and-or "lobby" Uncles Ted and Don and Aunt Lisa for all the bloat funding they want!

We don't care what the establishment in Juneau attempts once the permanent fund dividend and its earnings stream are placed into the Constitution, because we can visit them at the ballot box every two years!

An organization is forming in Anchorage similar to the 1999 Save Your Dividend organization. The new statewide organization should mandate targeting all the legislators running for re-election who are after our dividend, voted for HB 11 and kicked our seniors' in the teeth (SB 117)!

Go to www.akvoters.org to review all the legislation referenced in this letter.

Bill and Samon Arnold


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