Reader: We must not send people away

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, February 05, 2007

Ms. Shannon’s letter to the editor in today’s paper (Jan. 29) clearly shows that America is in trouble and on the other hand is a great society. People who have a shallow understanding of God and religion are able to express their beliefs no matter how hateful it may sound.

Yes there is trouble in America, however, as the reasoning people we were created to be, we are given a choice in how we respond to ideas and how we let them shape our lives, be they a belief in God or a lack thereof.

Clearly if we as a society take away the free will God in his wisdom instilled in every person to believe in him or not, we become the very people God calls to himself. If we send unbelievers away, we fail God. We as believers are to show the way to a loving God who is full of grace.

Our great country is founded on the belief in God, and in the belief that all men are created equal, not in the belief that everyone must believe in the same way. Communism teaches that and has failed greatly, and that society has sent millions away and is still sending innocent people away. America is a republic of and for the people, believers or not. That is what makes it great.

The Bible teaches man to “seek first the kingdom of God,” it is not for us to condemn unbelievers or send them away.

What we must do is change the way we call people to a higher understanding of God and religion. We are to change our ways and follow him, not send people with different ideas away.

Allan Baldwin


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