Is borough money being spent wisely?

Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It looks like our borough mayor and his adopted son (Tim) Navarre closed down this road to the beach from the public. DOT says the mayor stopped them from maintaining the road to the bluff. After 45-plus years of doing so why would our mayor do this? Could it be because Navarre just put in a million-plus dollars of the taxpayers money into a road to his property that connects to OSK property?

Something stinks about what's happened in such a short period of time with that small clique of people. OSK says T.S.A. told them to put a guard on the road a state highway. I've been told that T.S.A. told OSK to put a guard on the dock.

It appears OSK has taken over for VECO. How many Bill Allens are sitting at that round table?

Mr. Williams told us on KSRM "Sound Off" on Jan. 3. Did you hear him say he would try to keep the road open? No! He didn't. Did you hear him say if you have questions to call him? Yes. He said if he's not there, leave a message and he will call back. Well it's been over six weeks since I left a message; I'm still waiting.

I know the borough has never maintained that road! DOT has been doing this road way before the borough road maintenance ever started out here.

Folks, take a drive down Navarre's new road and see if your money is being spent wisely. Hello FBI. Where are you?

Dale McGahan


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