Jobs not money, will stimulate economy

Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Can you believe that our government is going to give you and me a gift of cash? Why do you think this is happening?

This gift of money to us is supposed to stimulate the economy. Our nation is already seriously in debt. Our dollar is losing value fast. Our economy does not need stimulation. It needs repair.

Long ago, our people were in serious trouble, as our nation was sunk in the terrible Depression.

Our leader did not give us money. He gave us jobs. Public works were begun. Workers began repairing worn-out roads. New roads were built. National parks were improved. Community buildings were constructed. Great dams were put in place to control flooding and create electricity.

Workers felt pride, because they were involved in important projects. They felt like contributing citizens. Those workers became the stimulus the economy, the nation, the world needed at that crucial time.

We need to let our leaders know that this nation of workers is ready to take on this economic crisis. Put us to work, America. That's how to stimulate the economy.

Jean Kimple


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