Letter shows ignorance, intolerance are still alive

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thanks to the power of the Internet, a letter published in your paper, written by Alice Shannon (Jan. 29) attacking atheists, made its way onto my screen. It’s good to know that ignorance and intolerance aren’t limited to the Bible belt but can be found all over this nation.

I’d like to let the writer in on something: America isn’t just for Christians and freedom of religion also means freedom from religion.

Contrary to Ms. Shannon’s distorted view of the world, atheists are not the threat to America she makes us out to be. In fact, people like her, full of bloated self-importance, spewing hate and ignorance in the name of the great delusion in the sky, creating division with lame duck arguments, are the real threat to the freedoms this country were built on.

Her words echo the hate toward blacks in earlier times and reminds us also of the hate that still gets thrown at homosexuals. In both cases, such hate is wrong, as it is now in this case.

Were the word “atheist” replaced with “black” in this letter, I seriously doubt her letter would have been printed. In any case, it was printed and the entire world is being shown the religious bigotry and hate speech of Alice Shannon.

Thank you Ms. Shannon for reminding us all that freedom of speech is alive and well in this country, even if it means ignorance and hate are just as alive.

Charles Winston Bolen III

Rentz, Ga.

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