Reader: Ezekiel predictions coming true

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Posted: Tuesday, February 06, 2007

As I look at the news of today, I see that most of the events of our world news today were foretold 2,600 years age in the Book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. This isn’t the only place that world events are mentioned for the future in the Bible, but it is the place that shows and talks about Russia, Iran, Sudan and other nations that were predicted to attack Israel.

We see Russia helping and pushing Iran in the direction that God says will happen in the last days. This is just another sign that God’s Word, the Bible, is true and all things will come to pass.

What about America in all of this? What is the near future for America? America isn’t mentioned in any Bible prophesy that I know of. What will make America of no effect on the world front as far as being a super power? There are many possible answers to what will happen to America. One is that we will be terrorized and destroyed by radical Islam. Korea or China may nuke us. We don’t know for sure, we only know that something will happen to neutralize America, and soon.

America’s population is 300 million people, 75 percent of which claim to be Christian, which I doubt to be accurate. This is my question about America and what would happen if 25 percent of the true Christians and children were raptured by Jesus Christ. Twenty-five percent of 300 million is 75 million people who suddenly disappear.

What would happen to the economy and the stock market and every walk of life as well as the military of the U.S.A.? This rapture is at hand and it may happen soon. I truly believe it will happen in my life time. It’s going to happen, just like the 2,600-year-old news of Ezekiel is happening today.

Jerry Baty


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