Former Enron head acts like man with something to hide

Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2002

Kenneth Lay made his already uncomfortable position worse by refusing the invitation to testify Monday before congressional committees looking into the collapse of his Enron empire. For someone portrayed last week by his wife as an ''honest, decent, moral man'' who is eager to tell his side of the story, Lay appeared instead as someone with something to hide.

His excuse that the minds of investigating Congress members were already made up is a feeble one at best. How better to defend one's character and actions than by challenging the negative assertions with clear, convincing evidence to the contrary?

It will be difficult for Lay to credibly claim to have been ''out of the loop'' for this Byzantine accounting mess, as he established the corporate culture in which it flourished and personally profited from it to the tune of millions of dollars in stock option sales.

Ken Lay can refuse to talk, but the whole story will come out, one way or the other.

-- Bradenton (Fla.) Herald

Feb. 5

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