Flooding should be blamed on someone, shouldn’t it?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The current flooding occurring on the river has been explained scientifically and logically, but we all know that science and logic don’t apply to the Kenai River, only personal opinion.

We have been told that this type of flooding hasn’t happened at this time of year before, so there must be a good reason for it. So, since the guides get blamed for everything that happens on the river, we should hold some meetings and come up with a consensus on how to blame this one on the guides.

We want to make a special effort to invite the Kenai City Council, the commercial fishermen, selected property owners along the river and, last but not least, every one owning an old smoky two-cycle outboard.

I’m sure some of them could come up with some tar and feathers to teach those evil guides a lesson they will never forget.

Bob Estes


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