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Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

With Valentine’s Day coming up so soon, I thought what better time to give a few hints that may be helpful to some of you. I’m not an expert at this sort of thing, but I have quite a few friends who talk to me about this stuff.

A lot of people may have their own styles and ways of going about getting that “special someone” presents or asking them to dances on Valentine’s Day, but another opinion never hurts.

One of the most common things that causes worrying among people I know is asking someone to a dance — it’s a nerve-racking! It can either lead to a total shutdown or an enjoyable evening. Judging from the past hits and misses, I’ve come up with three ways to go about this kind of thing: the romantic, the simple and the lame, or not so creative way.

The romantic way involves, duh, doing something romantic, such as writing a short but cute poem, combined with a flower left at a locker or given to the lucky individual in person. I think it is best to be on the receiving end the romantic gift because, it is hard to think of good ideas that get the best reaction and getting something or being asked to a dance like that rocks!

Next is the simple way takes a lot of bravery. You rustle up some courage, walk up to who you want to ask and tell them honestly how happy you’d be if they went with you. (I think this way is just as sweet as the romantic way.)

One guy I knew called me on the phone the night before to ask me to homecoming. It took him a while to get the question out and there were a lot of “uhs” and “ums” and “well what I was wondering was ...,” but once he got the question out and I said yes, we had a really good time.

I thought is was pretty brave of him to ask me like that. I mean you have to talk to the person and if they say no, it is hard to accept gracefully. I am terrible at this method. My face turns red and I look like a total weirdo, but hey, at least I am brave enough to try!

Last but not least is the lame or not so creative way, when you scream at the person from down the hall after school and hope they heard you and you hope you heard the right answer. I’ve never tried this one. I’ve seen, or should I say heard, it done before. It isn’t very flattering and not too reliable.

An important thing to remember when doing any of these, is to do it at a good time — planning is everything! There is nothing worse than having to chase someone down the hall when they are talking to their friends and trying to give them a flower and talk to them. Believe me, it makes you feel like a freak when you have to keep repeating the same thing over and over again until they hear you.

A good time would be when your person is walking with a few of their friends or by themself, instead of when they are in a herd. This rule goes for giving them a gift and asking them to a dance. I’ve heard of some pretty embarrassing moments when things didn’t exactly go how they were planned.

In my opinion and that of quite a few of my female friends, the best gifts are the ones that have had a lot of thought put into them. It doesn’t have to cost a million dollars, or be extravagant. I think the simple gifts are the sweetest. I say female friends because every time I try to talk to guys about presents they’ve received or given, they usually get weirded out and just keep repeating the question like an echo — “Presents? Presents?” — with a wild look in their eye like they know they forgot something.

I don’t exactly know what causes that reaction but maybe someone could explain it to me. It’s not like you’re actually required to get anyone a gift anyway, unless of course, you’ll be injured if you don’t — but a nice note that just says “Be Mine” works good, too.

Some of these ideas have worked for me and my buddies, but if none of these ideas are exactly your style, keep in mind that they are just some suggestions. It really depends on the person in question you’re going to ask and or get something for.

Try to remember: The best thing is to be creative and do something that fits your personality.

This column is the opinion of Mallory Millay, a junior at Skyview High School.

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