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Posted: Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Every other year for the past 6 years I have gotten pneumonia here in Alaska. This year just happens to be the year I am supposed to get pneumonia again, I guess. I have been fighting bronchitis for almost a week and trying desperately to prevent it from going into pneumonia however at times I feel like I'm losing ground with this battle. During this time there has been no ice fishing at all simply taking the medicine I have been prescribed and relaxing at home.

In this day and age there are so many different medicines out there and even though a lot of them generally do the same thing some can have some pretty bad side effects on you. For example one medicine doxycyclene caused me to have severe leg cramps and also vomiting. So now you not only have more problems to deal with your almost too sick to fight off the original illness you were taking the medicine for in the first place.

Then there are the weird dreams you can have while taking medicine or perhaps it is the excessive amount of time you spend sleeping that gets you in trouble. The more time we spend on the road driving increases the chance of us being in an accident so why wouldn't the increased amount of time we spend sleeping cause an increase in the amount of dreams we have? In any event I had a dandy dream just a few nights ago that I for some strange reason feel compelled to share with you. I woke up and looked out my sliding glass door and noticed a small home built near the end of my property covered with sheets of white Styrofoam. As I walked out on my deck I noticed a short strange looking character walking towards my house wearing a leotard for pants and a caribou jacket with a fat round face. My home sits on flat ground but in the dream it was on a hill and this guy was walking up that hill towards my place. He hollered up at me "Do you have a hammer and a nail?" I replied no but I have one of these and held up my 44-magnum pistol. Then I noticed a grey squirrel running towards me which was harnessed and pulling a very small child on a snowboard. Soon there were two of these contraptions buzzing around my yard........Now if you can figure out just how the pharmacist got that mixed in with some antibiotic I'd like to know!

I have never been one to spend much time around the house especially in the winter so each time I get sick it is a real test of my patience just to sit here and wait till I am fully recovered. Each day slowly drags on and the days that I am unable to be out on the ice fishing all kind of blend together after a while.

Each phone call you receive while your sick is somewhat the same....Hey how you feeling? Terrible. Are you planning on coming out fishing today? No...Boy you must really be sick this time. You think you will be able to fish tomorrow? No. When do you think you will be ready to go? No idea. I will call you in the morning and see if you want to go. What have you been doing? Sleeping. Did I wake you? Yes. Well now that your awake do you want to go fishing? @XX!!!+*!!@**

I have been reading the book Alaska's number one guide, The History and Journals of Andrew Berg. What a fantastic book which is basically the diary of a guy who lived off the land in the Tustemena Lake area. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the Alaska outdoors. Andrew Berg is an Alaskan legend and this whole book is about simply surviving in the Alaska wilderness that he documented on a daily basis.

I have read the paper from front to back this morning and also checked the world news on the computer and oh ya....Packer Plus all the latest news about the Green Bay Packers. I always check the obituaries in this area plus The Eau Claire Wisconsin area where I grew up. I'm happy to report that as of Feb, 4th I have not been listed in either column.

Sheep and Goat permit drawings are out so many of you lucky hunters can start planning your fall hunts. This fall will be a very special time for my ten year old son Travis as we will be going on our first Dall Sheep hunt together as we drew a full curl ram tag on Round Mountain. Travis is such a team player in whatever he does, I asked him if he was excited to be getting to go along on his first ever Sheep hunt. He simply replied "I'm more excited for you dad!" Hardly the answer I expected from a kid that has bugged me non-stop to take him hunting anything, anywhere. Now back to the harnessed grey squirrels.....Travis if anyone shows up here with white coats looking for dad, try to get a couple of them white coats from them for sheep hunting but don't tell them where I'm at.....

See you next week!

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