Questioning truth in the media

Posted: Tuesday, February 08, 2011

It is extremely alarming to me that the people who run the T.V. stations, the radio, the magazines and the newspapers of the United States will not and cannot publish the truth about anything.

I grew up during the 2nd World War and we could pretty much depend on the information being Accurate instead of political. I went to school and studied and in history class we had a teacher who reviewed almost every religion, because it is the basis of almost every country, The Kuran, or the Quran, state that "A person born of a Muslim parent is a Muslim and can never endorse any other religion. It is amazing what an uplift The President as had in his Christian faith with what is going on in Egypt and the Muslim World. The greatest of his hundreds of lies he has delivered to the American people.

The Electronic Age has created a mass of people who know nothing about what is happening on the globe today. I know, because I have grandchildren who have no idea, just as the millions of other young people, what is happening. I may not see the terror in the streets of the U.S. but it is going to happen. I can hear my dear Mother saying, and quoting from the Book of Revelations, about the destruction of the world. God bless her, she has been gone for 39 years. I am afraid that way too many people do not have a King James version of the Bible in their homes anymore.

I have very small hopes of seeing my thoughts printed for the people of the Kenai Peninsula, but you have to do what you do to keep your jobs, I understand and am sorry. Thank you.

Paul D. Morrison, Kenai

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