Reader: Editorials should be read with caution

Posted: Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Clarion seems to have developed a penchant for reprinting editorials of the Voice of the Times. The Times owner, Vego, is the conduit for Big Oil to rent to own our elected representatives. Think Ben Stevens with his $250,000 Vego consulting contract for mystery work as just one example. As such, any editorial from them concerning the state and oil should be carefully filtered with your best BS detector.

The latest Times reprint whines that the Legislature should obey Gov. Frank Murkowski call for “bipartisanship.” The problem is that the governor means by it is that the Legislature should roll over and do what he says and not question what he does. Frankly, I don’t trust Frank, and I don’t think our legislators should either.

Negotiating in secret and telling the rest of us we don’t have a need to know what he is giving away is not how Alaska’s governor and government were designed to operate. Frank is no Wally Hickel or Jay Hammond. He is not a Sarah or a Lisa or an Andrew. We need to keep the spotlight on him.

Our legislators need to be very careful in signing on to what the governor is doing. His new tax on net earnings reminds me of Hollywood stars who signed picture deals for a small salary and a share of the profits.

For some, even 20 years after blockbusters were released, the studios still claimed the film never turned a profit. Consider the recent news report that Big Oil is telling Uncle Sam one price for royalty oil while telling stockholders a higher price for the same oil. The result was a $700,000,000 shortage in royalty payments to Uncle Sam — aka — we the people.

Like the movie studios, Big Oil hires the best accountants and pays them big bucks — far more than the feds or Alaska pays theirs. Who knows what loop holes the governor is creating. I guess he thinks that if he tells us he’ll have to kill us.

Any editorial out of the Vego Times about oil or state government and state politics requires the removal of all rose colored glasses and your BS detection meter set to max detection. And I think the same should be applied to our governor’s pronouncements and actions.

William Phillips


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