City move ‘mean-spirited’

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007

We disagree with recent changes to the Kenai city’s ordinance on telephonic meeting attendance, as reported in the Clarion Jan. 22. The decision to charge city council members to get their packets and pay for the telephone calls seems petty and mean-spirited. If the city did not wait until the last minute to put out the city council packet, they wouldn’t have to pay to Fed Ex the packet to the out-of-town council member, they could just mail it. Or why doesn’t the city put the packet on the city’s Web site, like the borough does?

Barry Eldredge’s comment in the paper — “If we choose to be somewhere else, we should incur the expense” — is off base. If a city council member, or their family member, is ill and has to go Outside to get treatment, they are not “choosing” to be somewhere else. People don’t choose to get cancer, so why should the city punish them with these charges?

Kenai residents voted the people on the city council, and the city administration should be doing whatever they can to help the council members do their job. This ordinance makes doing that job harder.

Mark and Anita Necessary


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