Writer accuses Wagoner of flip-flop

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, February 09, 2007

Sen. Tom Wagoner, let’s talk about “cop out” (Clarion, Jan. 30).

First, in your great wisdom, you suggest terminating all state employee benefits just so the state doesn’t have to give its third-class citizens (Us gays/lesbians sure do thank you for our third-class spot) health and medical coverage. Then you completely flip-flop to suggest that these benefits be given to all couples regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

So tell us Tom, why the flip-flop? Did that ugly head of discrimination raising its head block your view of the new majority coalition? And on that note, why the hard-headed decision to keep yourself segregated from the new majority coalition? Didn’t you get re-elected to go to Juneau to get things done? Not sit in a corner of the Senate acting like a child who’s just going to take all his marbles and go home.

Senator Wagoner, be a lone wolf on your own time/dime.

In all fairness however, I must commend you on allowing all Alaska state employees to have health/medical and life benefits, but at the same time keeping your gay/lesbian citizens back in third class. Again, a tribute to your intelligence, benevolence and humanity. Bravo! How progressive of you.

Cop out, indeed. Ah, the antics of the pot and kettle. Let’s all send hand mirrors to Senator Wagoner so he can see what bigotry and “it’s always all about me” looks like.

Matthew Miller


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