Fugitive arraigned on porn charges

Posted: Wednesday, February 09, 2011

After evading authorities for nearly a year, a Soldotna man was arraigned in Superior Court Tuesday on charges of felony possession of child pornography.

According to an Alaska State Trooper dispatch report, Kevin Patterson, who was a fugitive from justice, was arrested on Dec. 30, 2010, in Mexico City, Mexico. According to the report, "Patterson fled Alaska in January 2010 to avoid felony charges for possession of child pornography." After his arrest, Patterson was transported to Dallas-Fort Worth where he waived extradition and was subsequently transferred back to Alaska.

Patterson, 40, was indicted last Friday and faces 10 felony charges: eight for the possession of child pornography and two for distribution. The material was discovered after Patterson's probation officer reported her suspicion that he was violating the conditions of release for a previous infraction.

During his Tuesday arraignment, Patterson pleaded not guilty to all counts. He remains in custody and is being held without bail.

Patterson, who registered as a sex offender in Minnesota in 2005, was living in Alaska on an adult probation interstate compact transfer. Convicted in Minnesota for charges of possession of child pornography and child endangerment, Patterson was not to own or operate any computer with Internet access capabilities. Additionally, he was prohibited from taking or possessing photographs of minors.

Furthermore, Patterson was "not allowed to possess, use or view any form or depiction of diapers, baby bottles, baby clothing or other paraphernalia deemed to be possible arousal material for him."

In April 2009, Patterson's probation officer Jennifer Paz reported to the Soldotna Police Department that she believed Patterson was violating his conditions of release by accessing the Internet. Paz requested assistance with investigation into the matter.

Following further investigation -- which included seizure of Patterson's multiple computers and external hard drives -- a warrant was issued in June 2009 to search said computers.

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation Computer and Financial Crime Unit discovered more than 1,000 images and videos of child pornography, including 1,204 images of Patterson's Minnesota victims. Nearly 400 of the images related to diapers, bed wetting, and infantilism.

Stories relating to infantilism as well as lists of website URLs depicting similar content were also found.

Patterson was charged with failure to register as a sex offender in June 2009 and granted bail, but failed to appear for a September hearing in that case. A warrant was issued for his arrest, as law enforcement believed he had "fled the country to avoid prosecution for the knowing possession of child pornography" and that he would "not respond to a summons or appear in court willingly."

In an affidavit submitted on Feb. 2, 2011, the prosecution stated, "sometime after his bail was posted, Patterson left Alaska without written court permission" and "did not return to Alaska until he waived extradition from Texas in January 2011."

Patterson's trial is set for the week of April 11.

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