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Posted: Monday, February 10, 2003

You don't have to agree with Bush to support those serving in military

I was saddened to see the ad in the Homer News entitled "Not in Our Names." This ad was a public statement by a group of people from around Kachemak Bay declaring that the war against Iraq is "not in their names."

The fact that this group of people is not standing behind the many sons and daughters of the Kenai Peninsula who will be risking their lives for these same people as they go about their daily lives in peace and safety is beyond my comprehension.

My dear, sweet son is serving in the United States Army. I am so very proud of him and of all the others who stand ready to serve and possibly die for this very group who will not even support him. I was especially struck by the fact that many of the people on this list are people that I have worked with and helped in this community. None of these people have contacted me to ask how my son is, to ask if he is in the danger zone, to offer to write to him or to pray for him or his family who stand in the wings knowing that they may offer the greatest of sacrifices, a son.

You don't have to agree with our president to support your, yes, your soldiers. "Not In Our Names" makes me ashamed.

As George Orwell wrote: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

Debbie Ruzicka, Anchor Point

Clarion shows its biases by ignoring inaugural ball

On Jan. 31, this community hosted the Governor's Inaugural Ball at the new King Salmon Convention Center in Soldotna.

Gov. Frank Murkowski, his wife, Nancy, Lt. Gov. Loren Leman, his wife, Carolyn, as well as several of our representatives and senators from across the state attended. What an honor it was to have all of them here and to have the chance to get to know them a little better.

A wonderful, lighted ice carving of an eagle swooping down to catch salmon greeted those entering the ball. This event was attended by roughly 350 people and included many children from the area. The Young Marines helped park cars, provided escort to the door and posted the colors. Members of the National Honor Society helped in many ways including manning the coat check room and handing out posters. The Kenai High School Choir sang "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless America" and Butch Leman sang a "Fisherman's Prayer," a song he also wrote. A real treat during the program was Kelsie Leaf singing "The Star Spangled Banner"

and Lily Arnett singing the "Alaska Flag Song." The Dena'ina Children's Dance Group and Youth Drum Group also performed some of their Native dances and were in full costume. These young people deserve recognition.

I personally wish to thank the many people who worked to put this event together. A tremendous amount of time was expended to plan and execute all the details by a great number of local citizens. The decorations, thanks to Connie Stevens, Debbie Bagley and their committee, were spectacular. The "Chase is Over Catering" provided the food. Dancing was to the music of "Southern Comfort."

My reason for writing this letter is twofold. One, to provide some coverage of this special event as our local Clarion chose to basically ignore the event. They chose, instead, to put on Monday's front page, articles about CPGH rates increasing, pet poisonings, the school board considering school consolidations again, and the Kenai library looking to the future.

While I believe these articles have merit to be in our paper, this major event was basically ignored by the Clarion newspaper. The sum total of coverage was on the back page and consisted of one picture, which was taken by a Clarion reporter, of Gov. Murkowski shaking hands with Kelsie Leaf.

There was no article or write-up of this important event, at least important to many of us. The newsroom editors choose what to print each day from the many news items available, and they simply chose to ignore this event. This is inexcusable especially in light of the fact that one of those elected by the people of Alaska, Loren Leman, was raised in Ninilchik and considers this home. The Clarion should be ashamed of its biased coverage.

My second reason for writing this letter is to cancel my subscription to the Clarion newspaper. This newspaper has for a quite a long time chosen to print articles that favor the liberal agenda. This seemed especially evident during the recent round of elections. With an overwhelming number of peninsula citizens who voted for Gov. Frank Murkowski, you would think the Clarion would provide coverage of events such as the inaugural ball. If this newspaper ever decides to provide coverage which is fair and balanced, I will reconsider purchasing this newspaper.

Judith L. McKinley , Soldotna

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