Soldotna should pass bicycle helmet ordinance

Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2005

I urge the Soldotna City Council to pass the bike helmet statute-Ordinance 810. I also hope our law enforcement agencies are granted the resources needed to enforce it.

I'm 60 years old, an avid bicycle rider, and thanks to bike helmets, I'm here to write this.

In 2002, I was clipped by a hit-and-run driver, was thrown off my bicycle and landed on my head in the gutter. The top of my helmet had numerous abrasions on it, and its padding was shattered by this impact. EMT personnel showed me the skinned headgear and stated it had probably saved my life. I am so happy I have all my facilities, I don't even care the driver was never caught.

In 1991, I was catapulted over suddenly loosened bicycle handlebars. Again, a helmet saved me from serious injury when I landed on the side of my head.

These accidents did not happen in Alaska, but they could happen here. Bikes are faster, and there are more of them. Bigger, faster, new cars, SUVs and summer campers clog our roadways.

How valuable is a life lived in fulfillment as opposed to one unexpectedly rendered a vegetable? Or, how valuable is a human life itself?

Helmets, like seat belts, save lives.

Jerry P. Olmes, Soldotna

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