Eacker murder trial continues: Jury gets look at defendant's clothes from night of the crime

Posted: Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The jury in the Jimmy Eacker murder trial on Tuesday saw that the shirt and boots Eacker wore the night Toni Lister was reported missing in 1982 are not soaked in blood.

Robert Blaedorn, the lead Seward Police Department investigator into Lister's death, described an apparent bloodstain on Eacker's inside right cuff as "maybe two inches oblong," before showing the shirt to the jury during his cross-examination testimony Tuesday.

"You would agree that having looked at the clothing now again that Jimmy Eacker's clothes were not completely covered in blood?" defense attorney Benjaman Adams asked Blaedorn. "And you are aware that Toni Lister was stabbed 26 times and that five of the stab marks went right through her heart?"

Blaedorn said a stabbing victim might not bleed excessively.

"A lot of times when you impale somebody with something, with this instance the screw driver, when you put it in the skin closes around it. It's harder to get back out than it is going in," Blaedorn testified. "And once you pull it back out, the skin closes up."

During his cross-examination of Blaedorn, Adams also pointed out a discrepancy in police investigation. A transcript of an interview Blaedorn conducted with Eacker on April 15, 1982 said, "Mr. Eacker stated he was near the big trench which was just a very short distance from where we found Ms. Lister's body."

Police did not find Lister's body in the woods near the Seward dump until April 17, 1982.

Blaedorn said it is possible he could have added the fact to the interview transcript at a later time.

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