Hard-working Alaskans don't get help they need; welfare moms do

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2004

Something is wrong with this picture. Recently a family member found out that he has a ruptured disc in his neck causing him a great deal of pain. His doctor wants him to have surgery as soon as possible. This guy is a very hard-working family man. He has worked very hard since he was old enough to obtain a job, meaning that he has been paying taxes and more taxes. His wife checked with Medicare to see if they could get some assistance considering that they have no family insurance. They were denied all because he enjoys working hard and taking care of his family.

Approximately two weeks after this event took place, I was informed of a female from this area who has lived off the state since she was born. She has had a number of children; their births, of course, were paid for by all of us who have jobs and pay our taxes. This has always been a sore issue, but became worse when I found out that the state of Alaska paid for her to have a live birth abortion out of state. This is disgusting to think that the state would continue to pay her due to the fact that she is either pregnant, just delivered or in search of the next sperm donor.

Instead of paying for a live birth abortion, which I do not believe in and therefore do not feel I should have to be part of paying for such actions, we should either be assisting the citizens who work but may need assistance with a medical condition that they had no control over or paying and insisting that this female get her tubes tied. She has full control over whether she has more children or not.

At one time she informed us she cannot afford to find a job. With her lack of skills she cannot make enough money with a job to support her and her children, but with public assistance and dividends she lives better than some two-income families in this area.

I would like to see the day come when welfare recipients are forced to be responsible for their actions. If a female gives birth to two children while on public assistance she has a choice to make: Either pay for No. 2 out of her own pocket or her tubes will be tied at delivery. Maybe this would make some of these females think twice before making a living out of child birth.

Kit Miller

Kenai Peninsula Taxpayer


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