U.S. looks silly to contest junk food, obesity findings

Posted: Thursday, February 12, 2004

So, according to the Bush administration, the scientific proof is not conclusive that the consumption of junk food helps cause obesity. Let's see, the White House can find WMDs in the flimsiest of intelligence, but it doesn't believe decades of research showing a link between high-fat, high-sugar foods and weight gain? Hmmm.

The United States is contesting a report by the World Health Organization that does make that connection, as well as opposing the WHO's plans to combat that epidemic without some significant changes. ...

OK, OK, so fast food doesn't cause fat people, undisciplined appetites do. ... We don't underestimate personal responsibility. Everybody should exercise.

All we know is, obesity-related medical costs hit an estimated $75 billion in this country last year ..., according to a recent study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with others. So we have a health-care-cost crisis in this country, but the Bush administration wants to ignore the influence of obesity on those costs. Apparently they fear the U.S. Sugar Association, which last year lobbied Congress to end its WHO funding unless this obesity report was killed, more than they do the American Medical Association. Perhaps it's time to reconsider sugar subsidies.

Stuff like this just makes America look silly to a rest of the world we expect to help us when we go off and attack somebody because he allegedly has WMDs. ...

Journal Star, Peoria, Ill.

Feb. 9

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