Reader: Borough shouldn’t always get its ‘Way’

Posted: Monday, February 13, 2006

I received notice from the Kenai Peninsula Borough Planning Commission of a proposed name change for a through way off Echo Lake Road. There have been a lot of these name changes over the past few years and I have paid little attention to them. This one caught my attention: the Borough wants to change the name of Kaye Way to Kaye Road.

The stated reason for the proposed name change for Kaye Way is that Borough ordinance KPB 14.10.070 does not allow the suffix “Way.” The suffix “Way” has been around from at least the Roman Empire, i.e. the Apian Way. The Romans named all their major roads “Way.” Also, one of Seattle’s main streets is named Alaska Way. What about the suffix “Parkway” a special Way? But then, the Kenai Peninsula Borough ordinance does not allow such things.

In the Borough notice there was a list of 26 throughway name changes. Some may be needed for clarity, but Kaye Way was not the only “dumb” one. Who knows how many dumb changes have occurred over the past several years, all adding an unneeded work load.

Instead of making an ordinance change to take into account historically rich diversity, the Borough wants to force the expense of conforming onto both the public and private sectors. If the change is made there will need to be road sign changes, map changes, mailing address changes, hearings, advertising, and public reeducation. The intersection of Echo Lake Rd. and Kaye Way is a local reference point. From the tone of the cover letter with the notice, I feel that there maybe some bureaucratic empire building, also. It would be much less expensive to direct the very capable computer programmers to “tweak” the computer program than to make name changes.

The next information I expect to receive is how the Borough is short on money and they really need a tax increase. Well, as long as I see the Borough doing dumb things as the above, my vote will be (no).

William L. Hightower


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