Reader: Why are teachers first to be laid off?

Posted: Monday, February 13, 2006

I just read the article in today’s paper (Clarion Feb. 8) stating that we are going to lose up to 100 teachers. I know that other readers and I do not have all of the facts about the borough budget, but it seems that the first thing that government cuts in bad times is education. Isn’t there anything else that the borough runs other than education (ie. maintenance and administration).

I hate to see anyone lose their job and livelihood but I am sick and tired of teachers losing their jobs. Pretty soon we are not going to have any teachers anymore to teach our precious children. Why would anyone want to go to four years of college and return to his or her hometown if they are just going to lose their job prematurely? Come on, what ever happened to the saying that “children are our future.”

We are asked in business to multitask and do other jobs and to step out of your realm of knowledge to help save costs. Maybe some of you that determine budget cuts could file your own paperwork and make your own coffee for a while.

Joey Hensley


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