Salt Lake is less commercial than Atlanta

Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2002

Give Salt Lake credit. It doesn't have the stifling commercialism of Atlanta.

This isn't to say that there isn't some sort of corporate tie-in wherever you turn.

To start with, as I found out earlier this week, they weren't kidding when they say to bring your Visa. I tried to have breakfast at Snowbasin. It cost $12.50. In my wallet, I had $10, a MasterCard and American Express. I ended up pan-handling in the media center.

My favorite corporate tie-in so far: an announcement reminding media of "the Reebok Human Rights press conference with Desmond Tutu."

No word on whether Mr. Tutu was wearing Reebok high tops or running shoes.

There also is the story of the bus that veered off its scheduled route and supposedly was swarmed by FBI agents worried about the unusual behavior. Turns out the driver wanted to hit the Burger King drive-thru. Rumor has it he was scolded -- not only for the detour but for not going to official sponsor McDonald's.

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