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Posted: Thursday, February 14, 2002

Students who are interested in flying spent time at the Alaska Flying Network in Kenai Wednesday as part of the Job Shadow Day sponsored by the Kenai Chamber of Commerce.

Other students learned about the fields of architecture, veterinary medicine, health, police and fire work, computers, sales, photography, radio, writing and other jobs as part of the event. More than 100 Kenai Central High School students participated.

At the flying network, five students toured the airplanes, learned the requirements for flying and heard about the responsibility pilots have for their passengers. Students said they chose this opportunity because they are interested in flying, like to travel a lot and enjoy seeing the world from the sky.

The employees also showed the students how airplanes work, what they have to know about the mechanical workings of a plane and how to solve problems in a dangerous situation.

Mentoring staff said they enjoyed getting the students involved in flying and said their enthusiasm was great.

"The job shadow program shows people what we really do. It lets younger people get an idea of what they want to do," said Ron Adams, an air traffic specialist at the Kenai Municipal Airport tower, who talked to students about his job Wednesday.

Job Shadow Day allows students to experience a job they may want to do later and learn what that job requires and how those requirements differ from what they imagined.

"With job shadow you get to experience the job before you go to college," said Tyler Harris, who learned about photography during the event.

Students participating in Job Shadow Day said they want to have an interesting job and the salary isn't that important. They said they want to get along with people and do work they can enjoy for a long time.

Job Shadow Day helps students see how the world outside of school works and what it means to be involved in a job and to work together with other people.

Maren Hendrich, who spent Job Shadow Day at the Peninsula Clarion, is a foreign exchange student attending Kenai Central High School. She is from Stuttgart, Germany. She has two brothers and will spend a whole high school year in Kenai.

Her career interests include journalism, law and medicine. Dancing is one of her favorite hobbies.

Austin Boyd, another student who spent Job Shadow Day at the Clarion, contributed to this story.

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