Freedom for all citizens?

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well I would say it’s fortunate that your readers who write in and insight hatred for any “different” people are safely tucked away in Alaska, but alas, the sentiment is rampant throughout this country.

Since when is an American citizen who is non-Christian white folk (because let’s face it, that’s who your readers are talking about) not allowed to practice and live however they please within the law?

Your readers speak of a Muslims and atheists conspiring to take over this country and that we should cast them out in the same sentences they write about our constitution’s freedoms to all its citizens.

Every group of people have a few bad apples: be them religious zealots (Hello! Pat Robertson, Ted Haggard) down to sports stars. But these people want those freedoms to be reserved for the Christians (but they’re kinda Christians). Funny, there doesn’t seem to be anything Christian about that. Well thank God we have freedoms that keep your readers from messing with our Constitution.

Michael Odishoo

Los Angeles

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