Pipe closer to flow

Posted: Monday, February 14, 2011

A project on the south Kenai Peninsula that would help alleviate natural gas shortages in Southcentral is still in the works.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has a public hearing scheduled today regarding Anchor Point Energy's application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity.

If the company is granted that certificate, they will supply Enstar Natural Gas Co. with natural gas through a pipeline that is mostly ready to go. The company will be ready to start gas flowing as early as March 1, but by statue the commission cannot make their decision until 30 days after the Feb. 14 hearing.

Anchor Point's natural gas would replace some of the gas Enstar will have to buy on a daily basis to make up for the difference between what their suppliers produce, and what consumers use.

Enstar has provided the RCA with a letter of support for a fast review of Anchor Point's application.

Last Tuesday, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska required Anchor Point Energy to provide the commission with the documents they filed with the Department of Natural Resources in support of their pipeline project. Those documents were filed Thursday, but are considered confidential and not available for the public to view.

Anchor Point Energy and the Commission have been going back and forth regarding the energy company's project, which would transport natural gas through a small pipeline to help supply Enstar and alleviate the shortages that company is anticipating. The company needs a certificate of public convenience and necessity to get gas flowing.

One point of discord between the two parties has been what financial information the energy company needed to disclose.

Anchor Point initially asked not to file its owners financial information last year, and the commission rejected their request.

Earlier this month, the commission reversed their decision. They also agreed to keep the already-filed information confidential. Anchor Point Energy said in a filing that revealing the information could change the owners' standing when working on other projects. In its decision, the commission also noted that the public had not commented on the request despite a public comment period.

Today's hearing is scheduled to start at 10 a.m.

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