Those who believe in evolution are not misguided, amoral

Posted: Tuesday, February 15, 2005

In Gene Stockton's letter to the editor Monday, he listed four reasons why people support the "myth" of evolution. I read this with my chin on the floor, realizing that if I replaced the word "evolution" with the word "religion" throughout his letter, it would have been far more accurate.

In reason number one, he refered to evolution as a fairy tale, and said evolutionists are brainwashed by evolutionary propaganda. Is he serious? It isn't evolution that subscribes to such antics as talking serpents, people turning to pillars of salt, or babies born of virgins. This prepostrous list goes on and on.

In reason number two, he said, "... some people support evolution for political reasons, knowing that it plays a vital role in the great strugle for the elite to enslave the masses."

In fact, our last election was a fine example of just the opposite. Re-electing the Bush Regime and his Nazi-like agenda — which is systematically stripping the people of this country of their constitutional rights and civil liberties — was a perfect example of supporting religion, not evolution, for social-political reasons.

In reason number three, Mr. Stockton made reference to people who give lip service to evolution for financial reasons. Yeah. No one is giving lip service to religion for financial reasons. That's unheard of, right? He doesn't think it's fair that if you're a pulpit-pounding, Bible-toter, it may be difficult to obtain and maintain a teaching position. Well, that's because in this country, according to our founding fathers, not to mention good sense, we are supposed to keep religion and government separate. And since public schools are funded by the government, that would include them.

And lastly, in Mr.Stockton's reason number four, he suggested that evolutionists subscribe to evolution because it would exonerate them from "... moral ab-solutes, God, sin and judgement."

Listen up. Believing in evolution is not synonomous with being amoral, and for Mr. Stockman to say — or even imply — otherwise, goes completely against his own religious propaganda he so obviously has been brainwashed by.

Sally Cassano, Soldotna

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