Youth City Bowling Tournament held

Posted: Thursday, February 15, 2007

The fifth annual Youth City Bowling Tournament was held on Dec. 9 and Dec. 16 with bowlers ranging in age from six to 18.

Singles, Division A — 1. Nathan Byrd; 2. Tasha Waterbury; 3. Jeromy Hale; 4. Kyle Kjeldson; 5. Cara Conte; Division B —1. Michael McBride; 2. Trevor Ray; 3. Devin Miller; 4. Jonathon Knight; 5. Celeste Castro; 6. Jamie Childers; Division C —1. Janna Liedes; 2. Max Dye; 3. Saul Grimsley; 4. Tori Askin; Division D —1. Devon Carter; 2. Brandon Farrell.

Doubles, Division A — 1. Ashley Sarver/Kyle Kjeldson; 2. Justin Calhoun/Kyle Kjeldson; Division B —Josh Liedes/Janna Liedes; 2. Hannah Kneldson/Celeste Castro; 3. Michael McBride/Jonathon Knight; 4. Trent Askin/Garrett Eady; Division C —1. Grey Wilson-Turinsky/Tori Askin; 2. Max Dye/Jacob Dye; Division D — Devon Carter/Levi Shannon.

Team, Division A — 1. Travis Morrison/Michael McBride/Tasha Waterbury; 2. Justin Calhoun/Ben Stalker/Jeromy Hale; Division B — Keegan Eshelman/Hannah Kjeldson/Saul Grimsley; 2. Trent Askin/Meranda Mahan/Garrett Eady; Division C — 1. Janna Liedes/Keenan Orth/Tori Askin; Division D —Mason Galbraith/Gavin Mikesell/Aaron Hull.

All Events, Division A — Nathan Byrd; Division B — Michael McBride; Division C —Janna Liedes; Division D — Grey Wilson-Turinsky;

High Scratch Game, Series (boy) — Ben Stalker

High Scratch Game, Series (girl) — Ashley Sarver

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