New art exhibit opens at KPC

Posted: Monday, February 15, 2010

KPC's art department announced the opening of a show in the Gary L. Freeburg Gallery that mixes found object art with miniature essays as a collaboration of space, form and prose. The exhibit is a result of teamwork by artist Margo Klass and her writer husband, Frank Soos.

The show, A Contemporary Book of Saints, showcases Klass' trademark mixed-media box constructions that she creates from a wide variety of objects that inspire her. According to her Web site, Soos responds to her pieces with his own images and metaphors resulting in interaction between her art and his text intended to inspire viewers.

Klass has a diverse background both in teaching art and art history, including time at the Smithsonian, and as art curator at the Toledo Museum of Art, artist-in-residence at Denali National Park and adjunct art instructor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Soos is an award winning author noted for his short stories. His books include "Bamboo Fly Rod Suite: Reflections on Fishing and Geography of Grace," " Double Moon" and "Unified Field Theory." Soos also spent time teaching at UAF.

The show will be open for viewing in the gallery from 8:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Fridays until March 2.

Financial aid has big impact

Without financial aid, many KPC students would not be able to attend college. Financial aid for college comes to students in many forms including grants and scholarships that don't require students to repay the funds and as loans that must be repaid.

Student Services Director Bill Howell reports that KPC has disbursed, after removing tuition, fee, and textbook expenses, $1,628,343 from various financial aid programs to students to cover their miscellaneous expenses.

"We have received and are processing $67,220 in paper scholarship checks from outside agencies and organizations," Howell said. "And we have processed $54,014 in campus-based scholarship funds, with more to be added very soon."

Campus-based employment offers flexible work hours

KPC's Kenai River Campus has 58 student employees this semester. Student employees work in various roles in almost every department on campus. In order to land a position, students must complete an application, submit a resume and references and go through an interview. If selected, most positions offer students up to 20 hours per week to work and most areas of the college allow students flexible hours to work around their class schedule. Sometimes campus jobs are students' first employment experiences and the feedback and mentoring they receive help prepare them for their next jobs. Student employees are required to provide documentation from their instructors that they are maintaining satisfactory grades while employed.

Alaska recently raised the minimum wage to $7.75, so all entry level positions for Student Assistant A employees, moved from $7.50 to the higher wage. A second student pay scale adjustment, University initiated and effective in July, will increase all student position's pay by an additional 25 cents and will affect each step on the student employment scales. This is the first change of its kind since 2003.

Suzie Kendrick is the Advancement Program Manager at Kenai Peninsula College.

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