Federal government is the Land of Oz

Posted: Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The feds have become the Great Oz, before whom Alaskans are obliged to beg and grovel. When the EPA thunders its "No! Go away," Alaskans tremble in fear. Even the Governor is afraid to lift the gas tax for fear of angering the Great Oz.

How long will Alaskans continue to act like the Scarecrow without a brain and the Cowardly Lion without courage? Isn't it about time Alaskans pull back the curtain and reveal that the Great Oz is nothing more than an oppressive tyrant wrapped in the cloak of a magical wizard? Isn't it time Alaskans use their brain and exercise some courage to invoke State Nullification, telling the Great Oz to find someone else to frighten?

The Clarion's editorial ("Time to apply a strong hand with the EPA," Sunday, Feb.13, 2011) calls for "a higher authority ... to impose some practical balance," and then says, "Guidance can only come from Washington," as if there is a power greater than We The People. Maybe it's time we cease begging at the feet of the Great Oz in his Emerald City and realize we had a mind and the courage all along.

It seems that nowadays, everything Alaskans really need is controlled by the Great Oz. But, perhaps what Alaskans really need, they have had all along. Isn't it time Alaskans do for themselves?

Norm Olson, Nikiski

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